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Just a little introduction

Hi kids, I'm Sonnya and I am a product of immigrants.

Both of my parents were born in Colombia, but came to the US a couple of years before I was born so they can live a better life.

I was born and raised in NYC. Spanish was the first language I learned because both of my parents didn't know English. I learned English when I went to Pre-K. Now I speak better English than Spanish. C'est la vie.

I visit my family in Colombia as often as I can, but now that I'm older, its gotten more difficult due to responsibilities such as work and school. But I finally got some free time and I'll be returning to Colombia tomorrow (!!). I think its been about 6 years since I've been there so I'm super nervous.

Even though I was raised in the USA, I retained a lot of the Colombian customs and attitude. I consider myself to be more Colombian than American, but I definatly won't deny my American-hood.

I feel very strongly about immigration issues, especially here since Bush is starting to become more harsh towards the laws. My father almost got kicked out, but luckily was allowed to stay after 3 years of court dates. When we got the verdict, I think I cried for about 5 hours out of happiness that he can stay. Unfortunatly, this isn't the case with most people out there.

Anyways! Hi! This is my travel journal, so feel free to add. I'll be updating a lot with pictures and videos of my trip to Colombia. Or you can add my other journal, s0nified
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