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Hello everybody *waves at everybody*

I am hppyflwr  and I am new here (just joined actually) and I am very happy that I found this site is really cool. Hope to get to know a lot of people. Here I go

Do you speak your family's language?Yes I do I speak English and Spanish

Did you often visit their home country? It's been 14 yrs since I went back

Did you grow up among other immigrants from the same country or was your family background unusual? There is a lot of us here where I live

What was your family's attitude to education? Oh absolutely, that's the reason why Dad decided to come to the US in the first place

Did they have access to education at home? Yes my mother is an accountant dad was in the Ejercito (MIlitary in Mexico)

Has your family background influenced your choice of work? Well I am an accountant too (just like mom)  and I work with Latinos so I guess I have to say yes.

If you were born abroad but immigrated at an early age are you first or second generation? 1st generation my sister an I were very little when we immigrated here to the US.

Well that all for me is really nice to be here people.

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