December 27th, 2010

the old zoo

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Hi, I love that there has been a group created just for this!

Do you speak your family's language? yes, I speak fluent Polish
Did you often visit their home country? I've only been back once since I was born (summer of 2007)
Did you grow up among other immigrants from the same country or was your family background unusual?
I've grown up with my parents and brother and the occasional Polish friends of my parents, but never for a long time at a time.
What was your family's attitude to education?
My family supports it and my parents (especially my father) are making it a must that I get into a very "good" college.
Did they have access to education at home?
Has your family background influenced your choice of work?
Definitely, as an immigrant I've discovered my love for other cultures and learning about them. I also love traveling, thus its only the more reasonable that I'm choosing to major in International Relations
If you were born abroad but immigrated at an early age are you first or second generation?
I believe I'm second generation, I was born in Poland but came to the US at 3. My parents brought me over, thus making me 2nd gen.