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must be a devil between us

cultural practices related to health

If you're from a culture other than american, and have time to spare, please help me out with my research assignment by answering as many of the following questions you can. thanks!!

With what ethnic group do you identify yourself?
Where you born, how long have you lived there/here?
What are your attitudes/beliefs about birth, death, health, and illness?
Does your culture influence the manner in which you relate to body image change resulting from illness or surgery?
How do you view work, leisure, and education?
How do you value privacy?
How do you feel about those of a different social class? Opposite sex?
How do you view biomedical-scientific health care?
How does your cultural group regard expression of emotion/feelings in relation to death or illness?
Do you have restrictions related to sexuality, exposure of body parts, or certain types of surgery?
What language do you speak at home?
To what cause(s) do you attribute illness and disease (eg, "divine wrath," hot/cold imbalance, "hex," "soul loss")?
What do you believe promotes health (e.g. certain foods, amulets, crystals, saints, prayers, etc.)?
What is your religious affiliaton?
Do you rely on cultural healers?
In what types of cultural healing practices do you engage?
Who decides what symptoms constitute disease and illness?
How do you view mental disorders?
What do you usually eat?
Do your religious beliefs influence your diet or healthcare?
Who constitutes your social network?
How do members of your support network define caring (e.g. being there for you, looking after your family, etc.)?
Does a key familiy member have a role that is significant in health-related decisions?
What influence does your economic status have on lifestyle and health care?

thanks again!!!

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