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2ndgeneration's Journal

Immigrant families
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This is a community for people who grew up in immigrant families and anyone close to them.

Topics up for discussion are language, education, friendship, dating, marriage, work, holidays, family relationships and visits to the family's country of origin. And anything else you care to mention. Oh, and you can be third or fourth generation if this thing still means something to you. That's OK.

Do you speak your family's language?
Did you often visit their home country?
Did you grow up among other immigrants from the same country or was your family background unusual?

What was your family's attitude to education?
Did they have access to education at home?
Has your family background influenced your choice of work?

If you were born abroad but immigrated at an early age are you first or second generation?

These are some of the questions we talk about.

We are similar but slightly different to immigration, expats, anti_racism, interracial, royalewcheese, expatsjapan, brits_americans, asam, and persians.
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